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ThinkTank’s 2 Minute Introductory Video

A ThinkTank Portfolio Piece

A screenshot of the title page for ThinkTank's first 2 Minute Introductory Video

Check out ThinkTank’s very own “2 Minute Introductory Advertisement” on Youtube. Odds are you’ve seen it scattered throughout the website, too!

Video is Essential in Today’s Market

This type of 2 minute spot is absolutely essential in today’s digital economy, (especially for a design studio, like ThinkTank).

On the one hand, this video shows the cumulation of all of the brand system design that ThinkTank puts into it’s work—on the other, it is absolutely essential that you show the people who they may be working with. As it happens, if you don’t do this, people are more than likely to think you’re a bot!

Working from a Script for Greater SEO

While it’s not always recommended, this video was produced from a script.

Sometimes it’s good to work from a script, others, it is better for the subject to just rap on their knowledge—it depends on the person and the project.

In this video, I had to hit a few specific verbal queues—phrases which are specifically “Optimized for Search Engines.” These phrases, like “a full-service creative design studio in Denver, Colorado,” and “WordPress Website Design and Development,” are carefully researched, and used throughout the website, and all of our digital marketing.

While not immediately obvious, the reason to hit those phrases so specifically in an “advertisement video” is that those phrases are all included in the video transcript—which is imbedded into the video itself, but also maintained as a separate file, which can be crawled. It all leads back to your website, and compounds organic results.

In fact, just including the link to this video on the landing page changes the Rank of the website to include the fact that it “contains video,” as one of the SERP results. This will be the same for our contact page, and any page we add this video to (which will be most articles and posts like this one).

Do You Need SEO, Branding, WordPress Web Design, or Digital Marketing in Denver? 

ThinkTank is not just a run-of-the-mill studio; we’re your strategic partner in building a strong online presence. Our approach is modular, allowing us to tailor our services to your unique needs (rather like LEGOs), and scale as your business grows.