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Motion Graphic Design

Did you know you only have 6 seconds to capture your audience’s attention on social media? Thinktank can take your Brand System to the next level by designing motion graphics for video and as utra-small ‘lottie’ files for the web (which are all over this website).

A LOT is involved in motion graphics, especially depending on the visual complexity of your brand. ThinkTank is here for you every step of the way.

That’s why all of ThinkTank’s custom build Brand Systems come motion ready. Long story short, there’s a right way to build a graphic for motion that streamlines the whole process. Neat right?

From there, there’s a difference between animation and motion graphics. In fact, the closer motion graphics become to buttery animation, the more proportionately large the budget needs to be.  =)

But no matter the project, ThinkTank can create:

  • video, and
  • web-ready motion graphics as ultra small (and fast) lotties,
  • an ultra-modern Motion Brand. (Instructions for the motion.)
  • with fresh and fun designs that get you noticed
  • and inform your audience, in six-seconds-or-less.


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