A Full-Service Creative Design Agency

What is a Full-Service Creative Design Agency?

A full-service creative design agency has a huge array of capabilities which are all about helping your business look AND sound good on the internet and in person.

ThinkTank is a single-member LLC in Arvada, Colorado, that loves every aspect of brand and website design. At the core of it all, ThinkTank tells your story in innovative ways with words, images, and motion.
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What Does a Branding and Website Design Agency Do?

It is a branding and website agency's job to make your business look good on screen, in person, and in print. This may include everything from graphic design, to search engine optimization, to website development; and to make the experience seamless...and maybe even fun.

ThinkTank takes a unique approach to branding and website design, by building modular brand systems, websites, and content strategy packages that help you grow your business and tell its story with data-driven language that gets you found on the web.

Search Engine Optimization

A Search Engine Optimization Expert knows all of the ways SEO, Branding, and Web Design connect. As it turns out, a website that is really good for Search Engine Optimization is also really good for people. But a lot of folks build their website first then think about SEO. ThinkTank puts the horse before the cart and does your Search Engine Optimization and market research first. This speeds up overall production and takes out the guess work. You'll appreciate the relief and confidence you feel in design choices being made based on real data.

WordPress Design and Development

ThinkTank strives to provide a seamless brand-design-to-web-design experience, taking the guesswork out of the creation of your new wordpress command center. A stand-out frontend with a backend customized to your business' unique needs and integrated with industry leading apps like Google Analytics and Hubspot.

Motion Design

Did you know you have 6 seconds to capture your audience's attention? That's what motion graphics are: The storytelling motion that captures your audience's attention in six-seconds or less.

Thinktank can take your Brand System to the next level by designing motion graphics (mograph) and motion logos for video or for the web as cutting-edge, ultra-fast loading, interactive Lottie animations.

Search Enging Marketing and Digital Marketing

After your brand system and WordPress website have been created, it's time to take them to market.

ThinkTank can leverage the Brand System to provide a wide range of services from simple website maintenance, to data driven digtial marketing campaigns.

How Do ThinkTank Brand System and Website Design Packages Work?

ThinkTank is a Full-Service Creative Design Agency with a huge array of capabilities. Each service package below grows organically into the next, offering you a seamless experience.

Step 1 - Choose Your Search Engine Optimization Package

  • Begin at the beginning.
  • You know what's great? Knowing what your market is doing before you make a lot of design desicions.
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Step 2 - Choose Your Brand System Design Package

  • Options ranging from starter systems for Freelancers to advanced systems for e-commerce.
  • Made by an Agency that loves design.
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Step 3 - Choose Your WordPress Website Design and Development Package

  • Well-organized, well-optimized, and integrated with your favorite apps.
  • The key to modern business at your finger tips.
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Step 4 - Choose Your Motion Graphics Design Package

Need to smart small? No problem. ThinkTank designs modular systems: a logo can grow into a brand, and a brand can grow into a website!

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