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The Magician—Tarot Deck Concept Art by ThinkTank

A ThinkTank Portfolio Piece

Concept Art for a Tarot Deck, and still copyright thinktank, thanks, this is for the Magician card.

Unveil the mystery and mastery behind ThinkTank’s concept art for the Tarot deck, featuring the iconic Magician card. This piece is a deep dive into the realms of symbolism and symmetry, capturing the essence of the Magician’s power and wisdom. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our rendition of the Magician card is not just art—it’s a portal to the arcane, where every symbol tells a story, and every line holds a secret. This concept art is a testament to ThinkTank’s ability to blend traditional tarot imagery with a fresh, innovative perspective, making ancient wisdom accessible and intriguing to a modern audience.

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