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Relaxed at the Armbrust Pro Gym Posing Class

A ThinkTank Portfolio Piece

Our client, Greg Maloney with American Gainz Muscle and Fitness looking relaxed and focused at an Armbrust Pro Gym posing class in February 2024.

Caught a really awesome shot of our client Greg and his new client Tripp, at an Armbrust Pro Gym Posing class back in February.

This was actually a lucky shot. I was swinging the camera and I’m lucky there isn’t any motion blur. Instead I caught a badass angle on both subjects, both dialed in to the task at hand. #awesome We were practicing the classic front-relaxed bodybuilding pose, first of the ‘quarter turns.’

Editing in Photoshop

Bringing all of this into photoshop I do my best to keep edits to lighting only. So there are no warps or distortions, that’s just what these guys look like on a random Saturday morning in February. Lighting effects include darkening and blurring the background, and adding/enhancing highlights on the models. Branding and meta information is also added (this last step is important for SEO), and the Branding was originally designed by thintank in the first place.

This is for SEO?

Yes! This type of photo is great for SEO! (Search Engine Optimization). You see, we can add all sorts of Meta Data to the photo, like location, website, and description information which will all eventually be crawled when posted to a site.

So, if you’re regularly posting a photo of yourself to insta, for example, make sure to take a moment to add it to your site! (Like I am now). This type of photo (not necessarily the skill of the photographer) is easy to make a regular part of your site maintenance since you’re doing it for social media anyway.

Figure Photography is the Best

Figure Photography is truly one of our favorite talents to use. It is our goal to express the heroic in man. So if you’re in the Denver Area and need some shots, please hit us up!

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