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The Bitsquid Brand Identity

A ThinkTank Portfolio Piece

Bitsquid Brand Identity — This graphic shows all of the different parts of a project ThinkTank did back a design intern. It has all of the parts and things.

The “Bitsquid Brand Identity” project exemplifies ThinkTank’s prowess in transforming simple ideas into powerful brand identities. Born from a casual project for a friend, Bitsquid evolved into a compelling brand idea, showcasing our ability to breathe life into concepts with creativity and strategic thinking. At ThinkTank, we understand that a brand identity is more than just a logo or color palette; it’s the visual and emotional embodiment of a brand’s essence. Our approach meticulously integrates brand identity into a broader brand system, ensuring every element is harmoniously aligned and meticulously organized. This project highlights our commitment to crafting brand identities that not only stand out visually but also resonate deeply with the target audience, laying a solid foundation for brand recognition and loyalty.

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