ChatGPT: Chat Numbering System

Hey, are you using ChatGPT? Great! Have you noticed how your conversations can get super long? Well, try giving Chat this “Chat Numbering System.” It creates a page number on top based on the current topic, and a page number on bottom with the total chats. If you ask (nicely) you’ll also get a Table of Contents for the entire conversation!

It’s not always perfect. ChatGPT seems to “get bored” with outputting it, or alternatively sometimes forgets that it is important for our poor nerves. But this really helps me organize my mind for long conversations. You just have to simply copy&paste the following into any chat and ChatGPT will be on board with a bit of training and context. It’s worth it if you’re planning on having several weeks of conversation on a given topic.

Chat Numbering System


Chat, I would like you to use the following rules to number our chats in this conversation. This is to help me organize my own thoughts and to be better able to refer to topics of conversation. I’ve given an example of the syntax I am expecting at the top of this page. 

  1. Use a consistent acronym for the overall chat topic, determined by the primary topic of the conversation. I will normally determine this acronym. 
  2. Include a short descriptor related to the specific response topic, or parenttopic.
  3. Include a count of all chats in this parenttopic. Number each response sequentially, counting both your responses and mine, even if a response is not explicitly numbered. If I forget which number we’re on, I’ll often leave the #totalchatsinparent blank, expecting you to keep track of what chat we are on and number it correctly in your responses. 
  4. If it seems like the chat warrants it, include a childtopic trailing the other information.
  5. In your responses, please include the total number of chats in this conversation and put that number at the end of your response. #totalchats 

Examples and More Context:
Use the following syntax:

Sometimes, I will use the syntax, “ChatAcronym_ParentTopic_” and leave the Total#ofChats blank when I have forgotten, or do not remember, what number, or “page,” we are on. I’ll leave it to you to continue sequentially (only using whole numbers, and counting both of our responses) from the previous page or time the topic was mentioned.

On the far right of all of your responses, please include a ‘page number’ or the total number of responses in our conversation including both your and my responses. I will try to include the paragraph numbering system we have devised (it helps me keep track of what we are talking about so I can reference later) but I will not include the page number because it’s a bit cumbersome for me to type it out. Nevertheless, I’d like you to count my responses as their own “page” in our conversation and number each one sequentially. 

Table of Contents: 

When I make a request for this conversation’s “Table of Contents,” I would like you to use the aforementioned Paragraph Numbering information to assemble a summary of our chat information in the following format. Instead of the number of the chat, please tell me the total number of chats that pertain to that parent topic. If a chat covers multiple topics, just use your best guess at the primary topic.

So it will look like:

    • chatacronym_parenttopic1_childtopic1_numberofchatsrelatedtochildtopic

     • chatacronym_parenttopic1_childtopic2_numberofchatsrelatedtochildtopic


      • chatacronym_parenttopic2_childtopic1_numberofchatsrelatedtochildtopic

     • chatacronym_parenttopic2_childtopic2_numberofchatsrelatedtochildtopicChatacronym_topic3_totalnumberofchatsinparenttopic


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