Starter Brand System Design Package

This starter package is great for Freelancers or Website Resumes. It includes a business logo and all the things necessary for a one-page website, which can easily be expanded later on to a more detailed brand as your business grows.

This Starter Brand System Design Package is perfect for anyone who wants everything necessary for a simple start on a one-page website.

Now, what that means from one freelancer to the next changes, so you will have to reach out with your creative brief to get a quote. Just mention this is the Brand Package you’re interested in we’ll go from there based on your individual needs.

The Starter Brand Includes

A Business Logo and Alternatives

What brand is complete without a logo?

Various In-print Layouts

All brands come with business card layouts. Business cards are still very popular! #themoreyouknow.

Web Assets

The starter brand comes with various web assets that you don’t think about, like social-media icons and gradients.

Additional Services