Small Business Brand System Design Package

This Small Business Brand System has everything you need for your small business… whatever that may be. Everything from a business logo, to template design, to custom iconography. Get in touch and we’ll tailor this package to fit your needs.

ThinkTank is passionate about small business and loves everything about helping them express themselves uniquely out there in the competitive market place.

All small business’ visual design needs vary drastically from one another. There is no one size fits all! Or, well, actually, you see—unless you happen to be running a restaurant or an e-commerce website—most small businesses need roughly the same quantity of graphic assets, whatever the unique nature of those assets design and type.

Some brands need more photography, others need more templates. Some businesses need web-gradients, others need stylish apparel. ThinkTank will take you through the process and tailor this package to fit your businesses needs.

All Small Business Brand System Design Packages Include

Business Logos and Logo Alternatives

No brand would be complete without business logos and alternatives business logo layouts.

At Least 4 Custom Icons

Custom Iconography is incredibly useful. This brand includes custom icon design on top of the social media icons included in all ThinkTank Brands.

Search Engine Optimized Enhanced Graphics

Didja know you can enhance your graphics with meta data? Also, remember how you already chose an SEO package? Guess what ThinkTank can do?

Additional Services