Denver Motion Design Consulting Services

Do you need Motion Design for your a logo or Motion Brand that wasn’t Designed by ThinkTank? Inquire within!

Do you have a brand that wasn’t designed by thinktank, or just want some motion design consultation? You’re in the right place.

Motion is “where it is at” right now, and optimizing a consistent motion experience with lighting-quick downloads is a more-art-than-science that ThinkTank completely geeks-out on.

When ThinkTank designs it’s Brand Systems, it can ensure that the system build is optimized for web-ready-motion-design from the very beginning. This can save you an enormous amount of money in the long run… as you can see.

Check out the info below, and contact me with your brief.

ThinkTank Motion Design Consultation May Include

Revising and Rebuilding Your Current Brand

Not all graphic assets are web ready. ThinkTank will get ’em up to snuff.

Motion Design

The actual motion design. ThinkTank loves motion design! This might include anything and everything from Storyboarding to Motion Studies to CSS Brand Standards to animating in Adobe After Effects.

Build Motion Graphics for Video and the Web

ThinkTank will optimize the motion graphics it builds for video and the web as advanced lotties. Then, they can be deployed to your website in a variety of ways that best suit your business’ needs.

Additional Services