Logo, Template, and Graphic Design

It’s funny to think of a logo or graphic asset as being “built properly.” But not only does ThinkTank design fresh and fun graphics, it also builds those graphics so they are ready for vector communications like screen printing, web design, and motion.

If you need a’la carte graphic design, a time-saving template, or a simple logo, this is the place for you.

Text or summat.

Hourly Graphic Design

  • $45.00 Per Hour
  • Need a fresh graphic created? From posters to apparel. Inquire within.

Hourly Template Design

  • $45.00 Per Hour
  • Do you use Adobe products? Would you like a time-saving template? Sure you would!

Logo Design Package

  • $500.00
  • This simple starter package includes a Primary Logo, a Logo Alternative, and some basic market research to get you started on your way.

Additional Services