Brand System Design Packages

Brand Systems include all the good stuff, like logos and icons like any Brand Identity; but they also include a special attention into the processes that make deploying those assets consistent... maybe even fun.

More information about Brand System Design Packages

Brand Systems are tailored to your Business’s individual needs. Just as no two businesses are alike, no two Brand Systems are alike. Some brand identities require lots of graphics, others lots of video, yet others lots of copy. There is no “one-size-fits-all.”

To meet this challenge, ThinkTank builds modular systems (like Legos).

Instead of offering static branding packages, ThinkTank evaluates each of it’s clients on an individual basis using the Brand System Packages (below) as budget guidelines.

All Brand System Packages include:

  • An audit of your current online presence,
  • A SEO and Market Research Package,
  • Motion-and-web-ready graphics,
  • Thorough documentation and a clear file structure

Brand System Design Packages

Starter Brand System

  • +$1,100 / 20 hrs
  • Everything necessary for a landing page on a website and some other odds and ends. Great for freelancers.
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Small Business Brand System Design

  • +$2,200. / 35 hrs
  • Everything necessary for a Small Business.
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Advanced Brand System Design

  • Starting at +$4,000.00 / 70 hrs
  • Complex branding needs as in the case of an e-commerce store or a restaurant.
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Capabilities Related to Brand System Design Packages

These are the individual capabilities that ThinkTank may use for this service.

How ThinkTank Design Packages Work

ThinkTank is a Full-Service Creative Design Agency in Denver, Colorado. It builds modular brand systems and websites based on thorough data analytics. Follow the steps below then contact me with your Creative Brief.

  1. Choose your Search Engine Optimization Package.
  2. Choose your Brand System Design Package.
  3. Choose your WordPress Website Design and Development Package.
  4. Choose your Motion Upgrade. (Optional.)
  5. Then Contact me with your creative brief.
  6. After your System has been built and optimized, ThinkTank offers ongoing Digital Marketing and Content Creation Services.
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