Advanced WordPress Website Design and Development Package

Looking for an Advanced WordPress Website with all of the elegance of a well-designed front end and User Experience and all of the back-end bells and whistles? If you want a good looking website with advanced 3rd party integrations or an e-commerce store, this is the place for you.

Starting at (70 hours) in addition to the Brand System Package of your choice, ThinkTank builds you an Advanced WordPress Website, like the one you are currently visiting.

  • Advanced styling for more than the landing page.
  • Up to 2 custom taxonomies (including the default).
  • Up to 1 custom post type.
  • Designed to be Accessible.
  • Includes 1 3rd party integration (like Squarespace Scheduler or Hubspot).

The biggest difference between a Standard ThinkTank Website and an Advanced one is the amount of time they take to create. Websites are exceptionally time-consuming projects at the beginning, but nothing can make your life easier than a well-designed, scalable, website as your business grows.

This package allows for everything in the Standard Package as well as ample time for the design of extra pages, blog pages, and other standard web practices.  (The number of pages your website is to be can only be determined when we talk about it).

This package also allows for the install and integration of one all-important 3rd Party cloudware integration, such as Squarespace Scheduler or Hubspot CRM. (Though customization of any third party app invariably takes extra time.)

Not Included: This standard website package DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of copy writing, ongoing content creation, web hosting, the cost of 3rd party apps, videography, graphic / brand design, or the cost of designing graphic elements for your website (like borders and backgrounds).

2 Custom Taxonomies

A Taxonomy is an advanced structural SEO feature. They act rather like the “index” of your website. Additional taxonomies can help greatly organize the information on your site, thus greatly increasing Google’s ability to understand what your business is selling.

Advanced Styling

This package allows more time for styling than just the landing page. This might be a snazzy blog page or an advanced Taxonomy Archive Page.

3rd Party App Integration

This package allows for at least one third party app integration, which may be anything from an auto-scheduler like Squarespace Scheduler, or integration with Hubspot. (Though further customization of any such app may be extra).

Additional Services