Isn't it strange how it only takes one small pebble to start an avalanche? Something to think about. The true power of WordPress lies in its customization, if you know the know, you know? Code is poetry, after all. ThinkTank is in a unique position to create a truly efficient Command Center which leverages the power of our modern economy (#thefutureisnow!) from which to organize and lead your business. Especially if you are an Independent Contractor, you need to maximize every moment of your day. The Command Center is a modular way of thinking as much as a function of a website.

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The ThinkTank.Online

I Heart WordPress

Some years ago — around 2013 this was — I gave WordPress my first go. I remember the ‘famous five minute install’ then spending a few minutes on the Admin screen and thinking it was the most complicated thing I’d seen in my life. …

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Thinktank has a broad skillset.


1500-Something to Today Do you remember Adam Smith? He was the fellow who founded the school of Economics as we know it today. He wrote the “Wealth of Nations,” a roadmap for the Industrial Revolution which was to follow. The name of the game? …

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