Command Center Thinking

"Command Center Thinking" is a 'modular' way that ThinkTank goes about it's daily business. You might say it is the art of being a Generalist in a highly Specialized world. Either way, if you're a freelancer or you just want to learn to be more efficient with your time, inquire within. What makes it modular is that you can build on top of previous results. So, rather like the bestest lego set ever — e.g. WordPress or one of ThinkTank's Brand Systems — once the proper foundation is laid, you can build as tall as you want.

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I Heart WordPress

Some years ago — around 2013 this was — I gave WordPress my first go. I remember the ‘famous five minute install’ then spending a few minutes on the Admin screen and thinking it was the most complicated thing I’d seen in my life. …

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Thinktank has a broad skillset.


1500-Something to Today Do you remember Adam Smith? He was the fellow who founded the school of Economics as we know it today. He wrote the “Wealth of Nations,” a roadmap for the Industrial Revolution which was to follow. The name of the game? …

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