Portfolio and Case Studies

A "Case Study" is like an in-depth, customer specific, portfolio piece; but, it has a deeper explanation of the challenge and the methodology that led to the solution. You might say a 'portfolio piece' is an individual part, and a 'case study' is how those parts come together.

Below, you'll find recent case studies, followed by a portfolio section with individual pieces.

Recent Case Studies

Portfolio Pieces

Below is a gallery of individual portfolio pieces... in no particular order.

An icon of a ghost holding a feather pen.ThinkTank Motion Design IconA screenshot of a spreadsheet that details keyword researchKeyword Research on Google TrendsThis is the alt text for spiritBitsquid Brand IdentityConcept Art for a Tarot DeckThe Vulnerable and Firm logo, vectorizedVulnarble and Firm SketchDifferent Versions of the Monochromatic Logo2020 Holiday CardA Easy-to-update illustration for blog posts.Bardic PolymorphAn Illustration for a Short Story I am WritingAnother MockupThis is a MockupIcon Presentation V2An illustration of the Dark Phoenix melting the Infinity GauntletA picture of Arthur Pendragon looking stumped with the caption "Me vs JavaScript 2021"Thinktank has a broad skillset.The ThinkTank.OnlineThe ThinkTank Technical Writing IconThe ThinkTank Social Media Copy Writing IconThe Grammar Police (i.e. Editing) IconServices IconSwag Design IconographyIcon of an Artist's PalateAn Icon for Character DesignBusiness Planning IconThe ThinkTank Data Visualization (i.e. Infographic) IconThinkTank Photography Icon